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Executing an acquisition in conjunction with a confirmed value creating strategy is the most impactful transaction for a company. All companies should have the benefit of regularly exploring acquisition opportunities. The key to success is insuring the value-flow is achieved in both directions (to and from the target). We offer either an a-la- carte, or a full turnkey form of engagement to assist clients acquire a company (including the raising of funds).


The key elements include:

  • Confirming the optimal value-flow architecture for an add-on acquisition
  • Defining the best target based on the risk/reward profile of expected synergy
  • Nurturing targets since a “private” transaction is always optimal for a buyer
  • Crafting the best offer terms that fit the buyer’s capacities and risk profile
  • Working with the parties to confirm the post-transaction assimilation
  • Assembling the resources to assist with the integration objectives

We begin by defining the ideal target-type based on the synergistic impact, and then identifying, soliciting, nurturing, and negotiating with a target leading to a closing, inclusive of raising any required capital (simultaneous closing). The last step is crafting the integration plan to properly capture the maximum benefit. The process can take four to twelve months.


You can expect more from us. We will confirm the value-flow architecture, identify the optimal target and define the synergistic benefit, and achieve the best transaction terms for our client. We can engage the entire acquisition objective (concept to execution), or handle any discrete task in-between.


If yes is an answer to any of these questions, please contact us:

  • Have you ever thought about making an acquisition?
  • Is there a compelling basis to acquire a company you are familiar with?
  • Are you open to considering an acquisition alternative to grow your company?

Interested in Gaining Insight About Buying Companies?

Please open the following article:

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