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Most businesses have many opportunities to build, and the challenge for owners is to prioritize these opportunities in order to intensively engage a discrete few, vs. modestly addressing all of the opportunities to “see what happens.”  As a result, we have developed an advisory offering that determines “what could be.”  This offering ranks the best build propositions, and then extrapolates the most “worthy” proposition(s) by:  1) applying execution timelines, 2) determining the required resources, and 3) projecting the incremental revenue, expense and earnings for each year over a three year period.  Aside from having a plan to build in an optimal manner to proactively increase a company’s value, the earnings in Year Three are valued enabling an owner to assess a company’s current value vs. its prospective future value (and the cost associated with achieving the future value).  This affords the ability to make better informed build-sell decisions.


The key elements include:

  • Identifying the best opportunities to build a company
  • Rating these opportunities by a company’s risk/reward profile
  • Extrapolating the best proposition(s) by applying execution timelines
  • Extrapolating the best proposition(s) by estimating the required resources
  • Estimating the revenue and earnings impact of the executed proposition(s)
  • Calculating the prospective future value of the company in Year Three

We begin by requesting certain operating, financial and strategic information, and thereafter, assessing the information, along with evaluating a company’s industry,  its dynamics and the likely future preferences of customers.  This leads to ranking all of the build propositions and extrapolating the best proposition(s) in the manner so described.  A company will be afforded with an optimal build plan to increase it’s value.  Upon receiving the requested information, the process takes one to two months to complete.


You can expect to obtain clarity and focus related to achieving your company’s next-level development, along with a tangible execution plan dedicated to proactively increasing the value of your company based on the best build practices.  You will have the basis to calculate your company’s possible future value in order to determine its current, vs. future value differential.


If yes is an answer to any of these questions, please contact us:

  • Are you aware of the best choices to build your company?
  • Are you interested in learning about the value of your company in three years?
  • Do you want to build your company smartly and proactively?

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