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Most companies are managed without the benefit of a valuation-conscious strategy. So many companies grow based on opportunities that avail themselves, and operate based on expanding modalities that already exist. This is in contrast to “directing” growth, strategic and certain operating decisions in alignment with the preferences of buyers. This service offering pertains to assessing your company’s alignment with buyer preferences based on identifying the value drivers and detractors, along with valuing the company, and then, developing a plan to increase value based on what already exists.


The key elements include:

  • Identifying the value drivers and value detractors of a company’s business
  • Valuing a company using the prevalent transaction-based approach
  • Introducing a prescription to enhance the drivers and address the detractors
  • Presenting an assessment of a company’s likely future value
  • Monitoring the results of the plan to maximize existing value

We begin by assessing the operating, financial and strategic dimensions of a company, including a “deep-dive” evaluation of a company’s quality of earnings and growth profile. Once this is accomplished, the company is valued based on its strengths and weaknesses. A prescription is crafted to enhance the drivers and mitigate the detractors to increase value. The typical process encompasses two months.


Your perspective will be enriched, and you will be supported by having a tangible diagnostic and plan regarding how to increase the value of your company, whether related to a transaction event or not. Also, the valuation will be a proxy for your company’s transaction value, and can be used as a baseline to measure progress related to the provided plan or otherwise.


If yes is an answer to any of these questions, please contact us:

  • Do you want to maximize the value that you already possess?
  • Do you want to prepare for an important transaction event?
  • Are you managing in alignment with the preferences of buyers?

Interested in Gaining Insight About Maximizing Value?

Please open the following article:

“Managing to Maximize Value: Are You Working Hard and Flying Blind”


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