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“Our Why”

We are driven by an intrinsic quest to help through sharing important insight and producing exceptional outcomes in order to receive the fulfillment from our client’s deep-seeded satisfaction and long-lasting gratitude. This is embedded into the soul of our firm, and how we derive meaning to what we offer and try to accomplish for our clients, who deserve the best possible reward for their success, courage and resolve. We fully recognize the monumental impact of our function and the trust with which we are afforded.  We respond with the highest level of commitment, intensity and integrity. This is our purpose and who we are.


Our founder, Jeffrey Knakal, enjoyed a quintessential investment banking career on Wall Street working for three world-class firms, JP Morgan Chase, Credit Suisse and Daiwa Securities. But he always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and saw a vast gap in the marketplace between traditional investment banking, and a more substantial and needed offering based on better serving clients.

A new model was created based on the synergistic combination of strategic growth advisory and traditional investment banking. As a result, Growth Partners Investment Banking and Growth Partners Strategic Advisors were formed to provide a new and deeper basis to form more impactful relationships with clients.

The basis of this combination is to first assist companies by preparing for a transaction, building new value or optimizing liquidity event decisions well before engaging a transaction, and then, to use the special knowledge gained, along with proprietary transaction practices, to maximize any and all transactions.

This affords the ability produce better transaction outcomes relative to conventional investment banks. So, we are neither a conventional investment bank just executing transactions, nor are we just growth advisors without the understanding of transactions. Rather, we are a unique hybrid offering something much better-.

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