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The Power of This Unique Combination

We do not know of any other investment bank having the same model or offering the same client value proposition. We believe we are unique. We produce exceptional outcomes for our clients because of the synergistic impact of this intrinsically special combination. The relationship between our growth advisors and investment bankers is symbiotic and cross-fertilizing as each provides benefit to the outcomes being achieved by the other.

Our growth advisors obtain guidance about valuation, transaction capacities, etc., from our investment bankers. This enables our advisors to make value creating recommendations, while proposing the best growth alternative(s) having the proper execution probability and risk/reward profile, especially if external capital resources, and/or an acquisition are needed to support the growth plan.

Conversely, our investment bankers obtain detailed guidance about our client’s value creation plan from our growth advisors. This enables our investment bankers to, represent the achievable potential of your business to a degree well beyond any investment bank (including exclusive industry specialists), and convince buyers your company is worth more today based on a well-defined and validated tomorrow.

Our growth advisors (thru Growth Partners Strategic Advisory) can craft both, a valuation-conscious assessment related to buyer preference alignment, and optimal growth strategies, which are based on proprietary practices, to increase the value of your company. We also provide critical analysis related to the optimal timing and best form (100% or less) of a liquidity event. These offerings will prepare you for the most important transaction of your life.

Our investment bankers (thru Growth Partners Investment Banking) can raise all forms of debt and equity capital, build new capitalization structures, help identify and purchase a synergistic acquisition, etc., to support the growth plan. Most importantly, we execute all liquidity event types based on the deepest insight and outlook about your company, and special proprietary practices. Our investment banking practices are the new state-of- the-art.

All of our principals are the “best of the best.” We have 30+ year records of performance and integrity. We also have been business owners who have built and sold our companies so we come to you with empathy and understanding. We have done what you want to do. Lastly, we pride ourselves on personally handling your objectives, vs. delegating to junior staff, which is the standard at other firms.

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