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Business is Just Too Much Work and You Have Invested So Much Not to Maximize Your Company’s Value and the Most Important Transaction

of Your Life
(Are You Working Hard and Flying Blind?)

How Ready Are You For the Most Important
Transaction of Your Life?

Key Questions

Your Company Today
Do you know what your business is really worth today?
How well is your company aligned with buyer preferences?
Do you know what to do next… build, sell, stay the course?

Your Company Tomorrow
Do you know what to do today to maximize tomorrow’s value?
Have you determined the best build opportunity to increase value?
What might your company be worth three years from now?

Your Future Wealth
Are you familiar with all of your liquidity event alternatives?
Do you have a sense as to the optimal timing of selling in whole or part?
Do you have a sense of the best “form” or type of a selling event?

Do You Want to Avoid the Mistakes
That Destroy Exit Values? 

Key Mistakes

Buyer Preference Unawareness 

Most companies first become aware of buyer preferences and valuation dynamics when it is too late. Might understanding these preferences and dynamics help your decisions made today for tomorrow?

Indiscriminate Growth

Most companies grow by responding to opportunities as they arise, but not all growth positively impacts valuation. Might a customized valuation-conscious growth plan produce better results?

Preparation Failure

The overwhelming sentiment by owners at the time of a liquidity event is not preparing properly as too much value is left on the table. Might preparing for the most important transaction of your life be worth it?

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