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“Growth Partners was instrumental, and at times, vital in concluding a merger with our biggest competitor which was a very delicate process”

After being endorsed by a prominent M&A law firm, I called in Growth Partners to ensure that nothing would derail a win-win merger opportunity between my company and our biggest competitor.  Usually both parties tend to overvalue their companies.  Using strong doses of listening, patience and detailed calculations (including the valuations), Jeff deftly lead us to agreements related to a number of matters, and ultimately the closure of our merger.  Jeff faced numerous challenges during the process.  Any one of them could have derailed the transaction.  This is where Jeff shined.  He skillfully and confidently kept both parties’ eyes on the prize vs. getting stuck on less important issues.  Throughout the process, Jeff developed a trust and integrity with our merger partner to the extent that the partner agreed to share the transaction fee.  We remain most appreciative to Growth Partners.

– Dennis Funk, President & CEO, Plastic Dress-Up Company

“Growth Partners did so much for us in so many different ways during our liquidity event there is no way to adequately thank the firm”

After meeting with many bankers, from our initial meeting to the close of the sale of our company, Jeff was our true partner. Growth Partners did so much for us in so many different ways there is no way to adequately thank the firm. Simply Jeff readily understood our complex business and represented our interests exceptionally well. Growth Partners’ methodology related to presenting our future to the buyer really made a difference. Working with Jeff, we often felt as though we were observing a master at his craft. He has a varied skill set but perhaps Jeff’s most distinguishing asset is his intelligence. Also, Jeff is a highly ethical person who keeps his moral compass clearly visible in every element of his work. Jeff is a professional expert, and we endorse, commend and applaud his work, integrity and capabilities.

– Kathleen Sowder, CEO, CamGuard Systems

“I saw first-hand how invaluable the firm is. We received spot-on build advice, and years later, Growth Partners did an amazing and creative job handling our sale event”

Growth Partners provided wise guidance to me over the years. Most recently, Jeff handled the sale of our business to a large public company. I had never been through this process, but Jeff really did a great job of explaining things and anticipating the next moves of the buyer. I felt extremely comfortable and conveyed my full trust. The firm was invaluable to our tremendous sale event success (DK). I worked with Jeff very closely during the process. I learned a great deal because he explained things so well. Also, Jeff’s creativity and anticipation were amazing. Jeff was tested when we had an issue that was a dealbreaker for the buyer, but Jeff crafted a perfect solution so the deal could get done. I will never forget the experience, and without Jeff, I do not think the outcome would have been the same. Both my Dad and I are grateful, and we consider Jeff our trusted friend (EK).

– David Kinzler, CEO, & Eddie Kinzler, President, DK Valve

“After meeting with Growth Partners, we immediately knew we found our trusted advisor. The firm far exceeded our expectations and is my go-to resource”

We were referred to Growth Partners by our accounting firm. We needed assistance buying another company and putting together the capital to fund the deal. While I had met with other firms before being introduced to Growth Partners, after meeting Jeff we immediately knew we had our trusted advisor. Jeff is the ultimate professional. He is tenacious, very detailed, and on top of everything. He was able to immerse himself in our business, pull things together and tell our story with the same passion as the people who make ProMedia successful. His thought processes and advisement to me were especially valuable, and his handling of the transactions was impressive. Jeff is very creative, and we will continue to apply much of what we gained from him for many years to come. I can say Jeff is a craftsman, we developed a great trust, and he far exceeded our expectations.”

– Allan Gindi, President, ProMedia

“The firm was instrumental in increasing the value of our company before Growth Partners handled our very successful sale to a billion dollar company”

Our company sought guidance about the best way to accelerate our development. Jeff quickly understood our business, and created a strategy we embraced. This led to growth and increased profitability well beyond the industry standard. We subsequently rehired Jeff to represent us because a billion dollar company wanted to buy our company. Its transaction team included KPMG, Deloitte and Marsh. Jeff handled the process intensively, and for lack of a better word, immaculately. His special ability to both, communicate and explain things, and overcome obstacles, was especially valuable. We know he fought very hard during a complicated negotiation process, and produced an outcome that was outstanding. We can say Jeff’s integrity, professionalism and manner won our trust, and we will always consider him our trusted advisor, our teacher and our friend.”

– Sarah Gao, CEO, JBS Group

“We had met many investment bankers, but Growth Partners is a cut-above. Our experience was tremendous under adverse circumstances for my company”

We were referred to Growth Partners by a top law firm in Orange County during a critical time for our company based on an industry downturn and our bank seeking to end its relationship with us. Jeff assured us we had the ability to obtain new financing, and needless to say, this was immediately comforting to my father and I. Jeff engaged a methodical process ultimately leading to a new relationship with a top bank. For me, the bottom line is Jeff delivered–, big time. I must say I was especially impressed with Jeff’s honesty, stabilizing influence and ability to comprehend. Our business is not a typical widget manufacturer, but Jeff prepared and “told our story” as I would. While I have met many investment bankers, Jeff is a cut-above. Our experience was tremendous even under trying circumstances. I would recommend Growth Partners in a minute.

– Jason Zenk, President, Monico Alloys

“I believe in hiring the best, and would hire Growth Partners again and again. My family and I will always owe the firm a lot”

Growth Partners made a scary and very important process much easier. Jeff was very helpful in explaining many unfamiliar aspects of the process related to selling my company. He conducted a comprehensive process that included companies across the US. A number of buyers mentioned to me that Jeff was representing my interests very well, and I think that says a lot. I was really pleased with the outcome as the largest and most active buyer in my industry that had purchased over 20 companies, paid a record price of OMI. Also, Jeff induced the buyer to purchase my stock instead of my company’s assets which was the form of buyer’s prior acquisitions, so my net return was maximized. I believe in hiring the best, and I think Growth Partners is the best. My family and I owe the firm a lot, so yes, I would strongly refer Growth Partners.

– Ralph Beltran, President. Oxnard Metals.

“Growth Partners always advised what was best for me instead of themselves in so many instances… The firm earned my complete trust. They did a great job”

I was introduced to Growth Partners by another highly regarded professional. After getting to know us, Jeff proposed a strategy entailing a synergistic acquisition and I told him to proceed. The top priority target was a great fit, but it was three times our size, so Jeff had to raise the debt and equity capital, aside from handling the acquisition. He handled a very complex process, and strong personalities extremely well, otherwise I know the deal would have fallen apart. Jeff always had complete command of every aspect of the situation. This led to a very successful outcome. I have the highest regard for Jeff and not only his business skills, but also his honesty and integrity. Jeff always advised what was best for me in so many instances. The firm earned my trust. Jeff will always be on my team–. I trust and believe in him completely. He is one of the finest people I know.”

– Bill Murphy, CEO, ATS Systems

“Growth Partners contributions increased the value of my company, and then led to our sale event that exceeded everyone’s expectations.”

We hired Growth Partners to create a strategic development plan as a road-map to getting us to the next-level. Jeff implemented a methodical approach to gain insight including working with ten partners very closely. He produced a highly detailed Plan, and other deliverables, that in my opinion were exceptionally well done. The Plan proved to be an excellent tool, and Jeff contributed to important decision-making and increasing our value. His contributions were accurate, instructive and sometimes sobering. After some years, we reengaged Growth Partners to represent our interests with a strategic suitor. Jeff provided excellent guidance, and handled everything extremely well. This led to a sale transaction whose result that without a doubt exceeded everyone’s expectations. If I ever own another company, I know who I am going to call.

– Paul Massey, CEO, MK Realty

“The circumstances of our growth acquisition were complex. Growth Partners did a very effective and professional job for us”

Growth Partners was referred to us by a top law firm in Los Angeles since Sport Chalet was seeking third-party representation to explore, and possibly execute a special add-on acquisition transaction to formalize one of our business units into a new platform. While the circumstances of the engaged target  were complex given its operating and financial condition, Growth Partners handled the entire transaction process for us very effectively. Jeff did a very professional job. As a representative of Sport Chalet, he worked closely with the target company’s owner to address the target’s challenges. We were able to purchase the company based on very favorable transaction terms. After the transaction closed, Jeff also prepared the integration plan for the acquired company and Sport Chalet, which was also very helpful to us.

– Howard Kaminsky, CFO, Sport Chalet

“I do not know of another firm with whom I would want to share a foxhole. Growth Partners was put to the test, and earned my utmost respect and admiration”

The firm is special and I think unique. Growth Partners founded and initially developed Compass Aerospace, a roll-up which grew to $200 million, and Integrated Aerospace, which was sold for $110 million. Jeff recruited me to run Integrated. He developed a great model and strategic development plan, recruited other management, originated and handled IA’s four acquisitions, and raised the required $65 million of debt and equity capital. IA was a huge success. I worked with Jeff shoulder to shoulder, and we confronted many challenges together. I can confirm Jeff is exceptionally talented, a consummate professional, who is tenacious. His commitment and integrity are inspiring. I do not know of another person with whom I would want to share a foxhole. Jeff earned my utmost respect and admiration.

– Peter Webber, President, Integrated Aerospace

“Jeff’s proposal would have produced an industry leader. Jeff is an influential and positive force.”

Growth Partners had the unenviable task of enrolling a group of CEO’s and owners, which included me, into a multi-company merger opportunity that would serve our collective interests based creating a new platform. The consensus that I saw achieved was amazing. While Jeff produced a compelling business proposition that was meticulously analyzed and validated, he demonstrated not just highly professional skills, but more importantly, the ability to nurture each owner in a manner that was highly effective. He seemed to be highly empathic to our individual concerns and was simply tenacious. There is no doubt Jeff’s proposal would have created an industry leader. Jeff is an influential and positive force based on a very special skill set. I hope to work with Jeff again in the future.

– Don Myers, CEO, Wilson Products

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