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No transaction is more consequential. Liquidity events are opportunities for owners to be rewarded for all of their hard work. We achieve the highest purchase price to ensure the best possible welfare for our client. We execute minority and majority interest, and outright (100%) sale transactions.


The key elements include:

  • Recommending the optimal timing and form of the transaction
  • Preparing information that is compelling, including the next-level plan
  • Designing the best investor/buyer group based on the synergistic profile
  • Making arguments about a company’s present and future valuation
  • Obtaining the most beneficial consideration exchange arrangement
  • Properly addressing post-event matters for the owner

We begin by determining the optimal timing and form. Descriptive information is then prepared, and a buyer or investment partner group is assembled. Information is released, offers are negotiated, and a Letter of Intent is signed with the “winning” counterparty. A due diligence period begins and closing documents are negotiated. The process usually takes four to nine months.


You can expect more from us. We will achieve the highest possible price/value for the stock of your company, while maximizing the outcomes in regard to other transaction matters. Shortly after hiring us, you will become exceptionally confident that you are in very good hands.


If yes is an answer to any of these questions, please contact us:

  • Do you intend to sell your company in the next three years?
  • Are you familiar with all of the liquidity event options and their applicability?
  • Do you want to know the secrets of selling your company for the highest price?

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